Friday, December 6, 2013

Happy Birthing Day

I stared in silence at the test results;
Positively anxious -
Curious -
Breathing with every pulse.

Was I prepared to be a mother?
Did I even know what to do?
Palm placed upon my womb...
How was I to care for you?

With every passing week -
My stomach began to swell...
Closer and closer now;
Soon we'd meet -
And only time would tell -

Do you have your father's eyes?
My grandfather's chin?
Will you be ornery and stubborn?
If we fight, who would win?

To feel your life inside of me;
Kicking to get out...
Rolling and tumbling through the night;
Growing like a sprout...

Counting down the weeks,
Then counting the days...
Patiently waiting -
To meet my child; to see your face.

The pain begins;
First my aching back...
I moan in grief, and struggle...
Wanting to attack!

Fear is blinded by hot tears,
Running down my face!
I don't know if I have the strength;
Labor quickens pace!

My arms are weak and tired,
My legs are giving out...
How can I continue -
Exhausted - without a doubt!

I shake in frustration;
As I push; and strive!
Sweating with exultation;
Helping you get out; alive!

Then...the silence hits.
I hear your voice among the crowd.
Everything is still. Peaceful.
And I smile tearfully; proud...

For there you are;
Laying upon my chest.
Evidence of nine long months...
I thank God; For I am blessed.

The pain fades way,
As I cling you close to me...
Innocently you suckle -
And drift to sleep peacefully.

"It's so nice to finally meet you.."
I whisper in your ear...
"Happy Birthing Day;
My precious little dear."

- Me

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