Friday, February 5, 2016

Yes, I Went There.

We collected egg #3 today! And then, we sat like creeps for 20min waiting to see if any of the girls were going to lay some more... it made me feel like such a peeping-Tom; and weirdly enough... I am OK with that? Sitting down for a while watching the chickens eat, roost, and nest is quite calming.... especially when they're wearing sweaters. Yes, I went there.

It got below 25 last night, and I was worried that with the combination of minimal feathers and not knowing if they were cold weather hardy, they might get too cold. The last thing I wanted, was to wake up to frozen chickens ... I prefer them roasted, with a nice rosemary-lemon glaze... Haha, just kidding... (or am I?) Seriously, though. I have no idea if they were kept outside or indoors... and it IS February... I am hoping by next winter their feathers will have grown in, and they will no longer need a little extra help.

See how bare their necks are? I just feel awful... The poor little..small things... AH! I think after this sweater episode, I might just be one of those weird chicken ladies... I said MIGHT. Not that I am... or that I intend to be... you know, it's not like my kitchen and dinning-room is decorated with roosters and chickens... everywhere....

MOVING ON!!!!!!!!!!

I am excited by the third egg this morning. I took a picture of eggs #2 & #3 in the carton ... you can see from egg #1 (which we lost tragically after 5min) the gradual differences! The shells are getting thicker and stronger, the color is getting darker... They love their new feed, and I think are quite happy. I can open the roof in the morning and tell them to wake up, and they go out to the run, one by one, and have breakfast... we're forming quite the little routine! I want to collect at least 3 more eggs before we eat them. I want all of us to be able to enjoy our eggs together...

I am very encouraged and excited. I love these girls! I am already starting to be able to tell the difference between them (even without the sweaters and tags) - but seriously... who doesn't love a chicken in a sweater?
'Pollo', looking fierce!
Ginger in her Pink Fleece Vest
How did I make chicken sweaters in one afternoon? Trial and error of course! I went to our local Thrift Shop, and bought 4 stocking caps & 2 newborn sweater vests... in coordinating colors to their tags. I cut up the vests and tried them on Nugget a few times, until I was able to get the general measurements I would need. I then took those measurements and transferred the idea to the stocking caps. With a few cuts here, and a few stitches there... I made make-shift chicken sweater vests and took advantage of their lethargic nature in the dead of night (thanks for the tip, Lia!)! They woke up to wearing vests, and surprisingly were pretty cool with it; as cool as they could be with a giant snatching them in the middle of the night and playing dress up... See, I told you these chickens were making me creepy....  The vests aren't gorgeous, and Meatloaf has tried to unravel hers, but considering I didnt know what the heck I was doing, and considering this was my first time making anything for a chicken - I think I did pretty well! It saved me time knitting them, and it saved me money from placing an order from someone else doing them.... so... all in all, I think it was successful.

Yes, I went there ; but I'm cool with it.


  1. cool sweaters/vests. future chicken fashionista?

  2. I said you could re-arrange them at night not dress them up! I do have, in my resources, a pattern for a chicken diaper, should they need to make their way into the house....

    1. ...same thing! I think I will pass on the diapers ;) I know where to draw the line... bahahaha