Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Wounded Dawn

 Beholding the scent of death the siege had left,
Clinging to a broken dream.
Cold, alone, and feeling now bereft -
Twas last time fair lady looked upon his noble gleam,
Her dearest Knight, whose plight doeth touch -
Twilight, broke with open wings outstretched before the earth;
Crimson stained clay matched the sky,
His presence lost all splendor and mirth.
With closing eyes, he marked her face;
Etching the echoed reality of his demise -
"Sweet darling thing!" He managed to remark.
"Do not fear, for death is but the next step I take.
I shall be with thee always - still, always have,
And always will." Turning from her shuddered cries,
Into sleeping slumber his soul did climb, until at
Last his goal was reached - beyond Heaven's eyes.

- Me

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