Monday, October 21, 2013

Juicing, Detox, Liver/Gallbladder Cleanse! Simultaneously.

Juicing Day 1:

Woke up 7am this morning. I had the intention of waking up at 5am, so I could go for a brisk walk while the house was asleep. I mean, when else is a SAHM going to work-out without kids and have free childcare (i.e. Hubby sleeping at home with them). But alas... I fell on the stairs last night and bruised my hip/bum... and hurt the tendons in my left foot. So no brisk walk this morning! I fully intend to walk around the lake with the kiddos later on after they eat breakfast; so I can at least have the stroller to lean on. Frustrating... Anyways, back to juicing!

Breakfast - Fuji apples, golden delicious apples, broccoli, and a yellow pepper!

This wasnt exactly a recipe - I was just trying to get rid of the fruit/veggies we had left in the fridge. I still have lots of peppers, lots of golden delicious apples (all from our garden) but those Fuji Apples. Those are the worst tasting apples Ive ever bought from the store. No wonder my 20month old was tossing them around the house like balls... And the pepper didnt exactly help the broccoli... Ha. Ive definitely had worst tasting things. Thankfully though, this is palatable... and I am going to be downing this for lunch too! (pray for me!)

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