Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Waiting For Your Call

"Oh, you're so sweet! Thank you very much!
I'm sorry I haven't called, I've been busy.
But let's make sure, we stay in touch."
Smiling at your seeming warmth, I pleasantly reply,
"Sure thing, absolutely." And then we say good-bye.

"Hey! How are you? I'm still waiting on your call...
It's been forever, I'd love to hear from you..."
I anxiously await.
But there is silence on your end,
Nothing at all.

Eventually I get a reply, much like the first.
"So sorry dear. Life is nipping at my heels.
I'm busy with the children, work, planning meals...
When I have time - I'll call. Maybe later in the week?"
"No problem - absolutely. I understand."
It's only friendship I seek...

Life also has me running ragged -
Darting to and fro.
Yet, I still make an effort...
Carving out the time...Waiting for the call,
We both know isn't going to show...

Have I offended you? Does my presence repulse?
You say how sweet I am, how generous and kind...
Words like honey flow from your lips, pleasant and sublime.
And yet, there is no girth to support the words you say.
For no actions follow them - and I wait, day by day...

If friendship truly existed, as you say it does -
Then why no effort on your part to stay in touch?
Why the silence? Why am I ignored?
If there is a bond between us, worth anything to you -
Then take the time to save it! I don't require much...

I simply want transparency... Honestly and Truth.
Enough time, maybe an hour or two...
For some prayer, reflection - soul sharing...
Is that sum too great a price to pay -
To ensure the survival, of the friendship from our Youth?

And if, perhaps, we've simply gone
Down two different paths - where neither one can follow...
Where is the respect we once shared?
Will I find it in your call, "sometime tomorrow"?

Have the decency to say to my face,
There are too many differences that you cannot ignore.
Don't hide behind seemingly sweet words,
Plastering your disdain with them,
Giving the illusion I am adored.

I am no longer able to play pretend -
Aren't you tired of this facade?
I can no longer adorn myself with the pageantry of "friends"
My desire for true grit, is much too high...
Either be real with me, or don't bother saying good-bye...

Support the words you speak with action -
Or don't bother saying them at all.
I am no longer going to sit and pine for you;
I am done waiting for your call....

~ Me

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