Monday, August 25, 2014

Press Pause; Then Play

I truly wish there was a pause button in life. Oh, how I would use it over... and over... which is probably why there isn't one... Just think how that button would be abused! But that doesn't stop me from wanting one...

Not only would I use the pause button to savor those precious once in a life time moments; but I would also use it to just stop the hectic parts of my day... the parts of my life that make me feel as if I have been running a marathon and am out of breath.... I feel like that now.

I love spending time with my children... and I enjoy watching them learn and grow... but it's just so much work, in and out, every day.... How do I find the time to just breathe and process? Parenting is exhausting.

I find writing helps calm me; helps give me a momentary perspective of my life and goals.... needs vs. wants... but finding the time to actually write when the desire hits, is non-existent... I really should keep a notepad with me at all times so I can jot down exactly what I am thinking, and expound upon it later. Wouldn't a pause button be nice for that? To never forget a thought; to pause all the things around you, focus on that one thing quickly, and resume as normal...

If you're anything like me; perhaps you are having tea/coffee with a friend - he/she says something to you and SUDDENLY; you interrupt with an off-topic remark; and then apologize and hopefully resume the conversation, sans rabbit trail.... all because if you didn't blurt it out, you would forget it forever... or remember at 3am in a panic.... when it no longer matters. *SIGH*

C'est la vie, no?

I really need to start carving out, an hour... thirty minutes to myself. Just so I can refocus and gain some clarity during the day. If only every afternoon could be as calm as mine is today  - I suppose I can dream, right?

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