Monday, February 25, 2013

Make Your Own Monday

I love bagels. My favorite way is to slather them with cream cheese, and my ultimate favorite cream cheese spread is Honey & Nuts. Oh How I love it! I never buy it though because its too expensive and with cream cheese (plain) already being high, I need to buy plain so I can use it with more things... Alfredo sauce... quiche... egg casserole.... Anyways - last week Nathan bought me the Honey & Nut cream cheese spread as a treat and some bagels! It was so sweet of him and this morning, I opened the fridge to find out we were out of my honey & nut spread  :(  Boo...

So - I decided to make my own!!! I know, I know... not a huge revelation, but it was to me! Why? Because I have been depriving myself all this time when I easily could have made it myself for so much cheaper!! So I did  :)

First I placed to the side two empty containers. Then, I took 4oz of cream cheese and one 0.63oz pkg of natural almonds and blended them together in a mini food processor. I then added about half a tablespoon of raw organic honey for my first spread! I enjoyed this with some apple-cinnamon English muffins.  My second I took the other 4oz of cream cheese and blended it with three-four tablespoons of nutella hazelnut spread for a chocolatey treat on some honey-wheat bagels later in the week!

I know this isnt a huge deal or anything to brag about, but I was really excited. And so were the kids, I think we'll be having a lot more fun making our own spreads and trying out new flavors from here on out!

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