Wednesday, February 20, 2013

My Little Valentine's

Our Valentine's Day Week started out with me making Isaac this hat! He has been asking when he will get his own mustache and beard, so I made him one! He helped picked out the colors and was so patient letting me measure him - he has worn it to school every day this week!  :)

On Valentine's Day - the kids Great Grandma Nance' and Great Grandpa Richard got them their own baskets of little gifts. Pencils, nick-nacks and PUZZLES! Evelyn immediately wanted to complete her puzzle and placed her Love-Antenna upon her head and wore them for two days straight! She is such a ham  ;)

Isaac tore into his basket! He wrote his name on ALL the Valentines and gave them to friends the next day for their Vday party - and of course had to start his puzzle immediately...  :)  Thank you great Grams and Gramps! The kids felt so special

Oma and Opa sent bags of marshmellows and M&Ms and little chocolate boxes. Orin has never eaten a marshmellow before... he helped Isaac and Evelyn almost polish off a complete bag! It was a little ridiculous... and yet impressive!

Isaac also received a SONIC sweatshirt. He loves Sonic the Hedgehog. He immediately stripped down and put it on. Evelyn received a purple sweatshirt and Orin got a Buzz Lightyear one. They will be nice and warm  :)

Evelyn not only devoured her marshmellows, but she stopped and wondered what she would look like with a piggy nose. Because these marshmellows reminded her of them for some reason! Ha..

Now here comes the awesome part of my Valentine's Day! Nathan had these GORGEOUS flowers delivered (blue roses and lilies are my fav!) And with the flowers came a note... It said 'go upstairs to the closet' - so I did, and there was another note saying 'Look behind me!' and There was this jewelry chest and inside of it was a love letter hand written on papyrus paper and he also got me a bracelet.... it was a very romantic treasure hunt and so sweet and thought out  :)  He treated me to a dinner date and breakfast in bed the next morning and even got a sitter for the kids that night too!

Since we had an evening without the children, we wanted to do something special as a family! The kids Christmas money went towards a Zoo Membership - so since it was 50-F we decided to head straight from church to the Zoo! They are currently working on their tortoise exhibit (even though the little guys are inside since its too cold for them) but that didnt stop us from enjoying what was completed  ;)

Yes, even I had a go at it too!  :-D

Then this week we decided to do puzzles and draw and play all sorts of new games... like Zingo... Smurf Candlyland, Memory, Go-Fish! Isaac without being told, drew a picture of his Great Grandma June...! This just cracks me up, because it actually looks like her! I love it!!

And tonight - Isaac had his first go at Scrabble. He didnt quite get it at first and we ended up not finishing the game (which is understandable because he is only four!) but we ended up building words on the side and sounding them out together - this is how far we got before he became bored and wanted to do something else... Still one proud Mama though!  ;)

I had such a good week with my kids. They fill me with such joy! I cannot believe that tomorrow, my baby, my last one, will be a year old... where has the time gone! I dont know... but I am so thankful for the time I have been given and realize how blessed I am to have the opportunity to be in their lives today, so I can be in their memories tomorrow...! <3

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